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Essay Editor Service

Essay Editor Service

Essay editing is a much broader task than simple proofreading. Editing services offered on our website give students an opportunity to perfect their own writing for better results. If your writing contains grammar mistakes, ideas do not flow, sources are formatted incorrectly, or you forgot to mark direct quotes, your grade can drop even to an F because of plagiarism. Your essay will not get positive feedback if you decide to skip the vital step of editing.

Essay editing service is highly demanded among students not only because it is very affordable but rather due to the fact that thoroughly edited and proofread documents are much improved, which in turn gives students a chance to earn a better grade. Even if your document is disorganized, you are now sure how to formulate a thesis statement, or how to format your reference list, you are welcome to contact us right now for professional editing and proofreading services. We will make sure you get high quality!

What Does Essay

What Does Essay Editing Include?

  • When you hire us to work on improving your document, you expect the best result. Whether your writing is for university or business, college task, or admissions essay, we will make sure the edited document meets all the requirements. As our editors work hard to make your essay perfect, we pay close attention to the following:
  • Grammar.

    Essay editing includes not just correction of the mistyped words but also thorough grammar check. We will check on word count, stylistic mistakes, sentence structure, the order of words in the sentence, tense use, and many other issues that may severely degrade your paper, especially if it is an admissions essay.
  • Style.

    Yes, the assigned editor will also work on the style of your writing. This aspect is very important because not all writings should contain personal pronouns. It is not always acceptable to have lengthy paragraphs. The word count should meet the requirements of your college or university. The editor will help you add words (up to 10% of the original word count) or cut the sentences if you exceeded the limit excessively (above 10%).
  • Subject.

    Essay editing covers the check on the subject. Yes, we will review the instructions you had for your college application or research essay, and make sure you did not deviate from the topic. If you did, the editor will not only leave comments throughout the document but also give you suggestions on what should be done to meet the requirements. While editors do not do additional research and do not rewrite your tasks from scratch, the deep edit will definitely be helpful.
  • Research.

    This aspect of essay editing implies that we will check on the quality of sources (outdated, relevant, sufficient) and the use of the format (APA, MLA, Harvard, or any other). The mistakes in formatting will be correct; tips on the quality of the sources will be added.
  • Logic and flow.

    Your essay will be improved in logic and flow. We have already helped thousands of university students make their essays better. It means we will add transition phrases, make sure paragraphs are logically organized and the language is used effectively, citations are properly integrated into the content, and sources are cited at the end of the paper.
  • As edited documents have comments for your further use, the money your spend on our service is the investment in your education. By reading through comments, you learn how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. As our customer, you will improve your own writing skills.

How to Use Proofreading and Editing Service?

If you have already written your essay but have no confidence in meeting the requirements of your university or college, just let us know you need our help. It is very easy to use our essay editing service. All you need to do is to register and place an order. If you struggle with any aspect of the order placing process, feel free to chat with our customer support, which is available 24 7. In the case of an urgent request, please chat with us first and our support agents will specify the quickest delivery time.

With years of professional experience in essay editing, we have the confidence to guarantee proper help with the majority of issues that worsen the readability of writings. You will get a document perfected by a truly attentive editor who leaves no word untouched. Application essays, admissions, research reports, personal statements for schools, dissertations, or even books or personal blogs edited by our experts will get you the results you did not expect!

Our Services Are Available 24 Hours a Day!

Our editors are working 24 hours a day to provide fast, reliable, and affordable help. Our working hours are round the clock because we know how busy and unpredictable the life of a student can be. Our service is fast and it is very easy to use our assistance. The best option is to choose at least 48 hours to give your editor sufficient time to improve your writings. However, if your request is urgent and you still want to get a good result, feel free to contact us right now for a quote. The price is set per one page or 275 words and depends on the time you can allocate.

Let's Get It Started?

Let's Get It Started?

Need a thorough edit on your admissions for a school? Want to be sure the language is appropriate and the structure is good? Hope to improve that personal statement to be accepted at the best college? Not sure you met all the requirements of the school? Chat with us for a quote and we will take care of your writings in the shortest time possible!